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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bet you've been wondering about me...

Well, now I have some time to explain...
I keep most things to myself and rarely share them on social media. It just me and what I do and I also have some real pieces of work in my family who would do anything to gossip remotely about me and my life.
2012 I had some female issues that needed to be taken care of. It was then that I was told after a procedure that I had endometriosis. I probably had it most my life, anyways in April of 2013 I had my hysterectomy. (GREATEST thing EVER!!
My family and I have become close to another family and did all the fun family camping stuff. We all even went to a beach area in Florida and did a weekend family trip together. At the time I didn't think anything was going on with my husband and my so called "friend" Dana. But things started looking suspicious and started feeling things deep down inside my gut about those two.
Soon the affections went away, my husband has always been emotionally constipated and all communication was shut down. I finally found a job in November of 2013 and that was short lived due to me fracturing my wrist on the job. December 6, 2013 he sat me down and explained how he didn't love me anymore and wasn't sure if he really ever did. He also told me all the nasty negative stuff about me and ripped me apart. As 2014 rolled around, it made it more and more clear he didn't even want to try and work anything out and I knew deep down inside he was seeing her (Dana) on the side. He would tell me about how he was working late, but my son and I would drive past his work an his truck wouldn't be there.
In April of 2014 he said he wanted a divorce and in 2015, papers were filed by HIM.
I lost any and all desire to remotely create anything and even tried dating. That was the biggest 300lb mistake I ever made. Drama happened and that was that.
Still no desire to create, though I miss it.
There's more to the story, but we all have chapters in our lives we don't read and I have a few I'm not going to share on social media. I hope to get back into designing, once I have my life figured out.
Until then, please enjoy the kits on my page and other freebies.
I am no longer with any store and have no way of releasing anything new right now.
I appreciate everyone who ever bought anything from my stores and will be designing again one day.
Thank you for all your understanding, Justine

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Pink Tadpole said...

I hope that everything works out for you and that your way becomes clear for you to grab happiness again.